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date:2016.07.27  time:18:13

At the beginning of the New Year, the world's recognized international certification company "SGS" comes to jiangsu su silk silk Co., LTD for evaluating its capacity of production and trade and its quality of main production.The company with its international first-class capacity of production and trade and main silk products successfully passes the "SGS" certification and get certificate.

In recent years, SUSI produces high quality silk products to meet international standardization, by devoting themselvers to the enterprise standardization construction and certification. SUSI has passed nationalcertification of GB/T19001 quality system, GB/T24001 environmental management system, OEKO100-200 standards from European Union

Health environmental protection, AA quality credit management in jiangsu province in 2014, white enterprise in 2015, and SGS in 2016.

The second certificate of SGS, fully reflects the SUSI's comprehensive strength,  shows SUSI's ablity of international standards of quality silk Level, and lays a solid foundation to build the international first-class silk brand.

Certificate of SGS to SUSI 2017-2018

Combing Silk quilt of SUSI

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