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Don't forget the beginner's mind Self-motivated forward

date:2017.03.13  time:14:52

The company held meeting for summarizing of 2016 and planning for 2017 On January 20, Susi held meeting for summarizing of 2016 and planning for 2017 in No.1 meeting room. The meeting summed up the work in the past year,showing the goal of enterprise "double thousands", tax and profits of ten million yuan, which is the best performance in nearly decade. On the meeting, chairman awarded advanced groups, individuals, innovation, and set up goals and tasks of 2017. Chairman Han Xingwang made a theme speech named "Silk's future, insist, there must be hope". Han Xingwang analyzed the favorable and unfavorable situation of silk market both at home and abroad, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of Susi shares, and pointed the development of enterprises in the next decade. He thought, by ten years of unremitting efforts from all staffs, the main sales of SUSI will be increasing by more than 20% of the year,amounted to 500 million yuan in 2020, 1 billion yuan in 2025. Profit will be increasing at a 30% annual rate, by 2020 to reach 2020 yuan, 120 million yuan in 2025. On the product structure, SUSI will be increasing at a 30% annual growth for finished product, to 50% of a company's product is better than in 2025; Silk fabrics will be increasing at a 15% annual growth, accounting for more than 20%; Traditional matching stable production of spun silk, cotton ball, accounted for 30%. Han Xingwang also encouraged and warned all staffs, "Don't forget the beginner's mind Self-motivated forward". "This is an age of rapid change, and change gives us these old enterprises more opportunities". "We have a clear strategy, with full confidence, keep learning and work hard, to improve ourselves to adapt to these changes ";" It is also an age of 'success is born from faliures, and we should abandon the "empirical" and "conservative mindset'";" We should profoundly realize that past success is not a reliable guide to the future, wins is the opposite of epitaph. We must constantly in grows self-criticism ". He called on everyone to roll up our sleeves, and keep forward forever! On the meeting, general manager Liu Wencheng made an work speech called the management of heavy work, seeks the innovation upgrade efficiency and breakthrough, promote the development of transition . He summed up the work in 2016, and planned the specific deployment tasks for 2017. He said, in 2016, the company total sales income is 410 million yuan, realizing treasury Tax 13.1262 million yuan and profit of 12.6658 million yuan. Revenue and profit targets both refresh the company's best record. Besides, at the same time, the company won the "national Labor's Reword". Reputation of our company is increasing day by day. In 2017, facing opportunities and challenges, Liu Wencheng pointed out that we must closely around the "stresses the silks and satins, finished product, spun silk yarn, promoting the upgrade of the guiding ideology, through the extension of industry chain, transformation and upgrading of a firm confidence, rapid forming enterprise new profit growth point. During the meeting, vice secretary of party committee, the union chairman Wang Xingli and chief engineer Chen Song read a company "about recognition of 2016 the decision of the advanced collectives and advanced individuals", "decision about recognition of 2016 annual innovation". For the advanced collectives and advanced team, innovation achievement prize, SUSIE brand marketing Contributors, outstanding cadres, outstanding party members team leader, model and advanced workers awarded the honorary certificate and a bonus, prize. Brand marketing SUSIE outstanding contribution award winner representative, guangdong, fujian and zhejiang university Joan area, Anderson Chen, head of advanced collective representatives, silk clothing workshop director Zhou Xue, young cadres, and information technology deputy director of the center for shou-xin wang and other comrades made a gesture to speak. New start, new goal. We have strong leadership and solidarity employees, our company must can seize the development opportunity, take on, lead the national spun silk spinning industry, and bring enterprises and employees to succeed. On the meeting scene Chiarman Han Xingwang made a theme speech 





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