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SUSI hold meeting for summarizing work of 2016 and planning of 2017

date:2017.03.13  time:14:49

SUSI hold meeting for summarizing work of 2016 and planning of 2017. Chairman Han Xingwang attended the meeting and made an important speech, requiring mantaining, planning with confidence to overcome difficults and achive goals of the whole year. On February 7, 8, SUSI hold meeting for summarizing work of 2016 and planning of 2017. More than one hundred people attended the meeting, including manager from branches, areas, stores and departments and some excellent workers from factory. Chairman Han Xingwang and general manager Liu Wencheng attended the meeting and made important speeches. Sijuan group director, deputy general manager Gao Lu also attended the meeting. Meeting was held by Su Wei, one of vice general managers.Summary report was made by Wang Ya, assistant of general manager and deputy general manager of group company. Chairman Han Xingwang summarized the achievements and problems in 2016,then asked requirement of 2017. He asked all SUSI staff to "catching present and planning for the future" as the guiding ideology,  with confidence to overcome difficults and achive goals of the whole year. For sales, insist on "one center, two basic points" strategy, focusing on corporate marketing, group purchase and investment promotion work; for examination, carry out "a review of three" performance evaluation mechanism, measuring contribution rate, completion rate and growth rate; for enterprise development, take innovation and transformation as the theme, focusing on marketing innovation, product innovation and management innovation; for the resource sharing, turn traditional silk sales network to a whole enterprise's marketing work. At the same time, the chairman Han also asked the staff to strengthen the market economy theory, silk production and marketing business knowledge learning, to constantly improve themselvers. Making learning rightly, behavior gently and work precisly to fight for a better performance in the new year. Susi general manager, Liu Wencheng said Susi  will be backed by Susi silk industry and provide a full support. He wants Susi silk industry should take the market as the center,and the sales as leadership to strengthen learning and coordinate and do a good job in 2017. On the meeting, head of each division, areas and stores reported their work of 2016 and plan for 2017. Susi silk industry Su Wei, general manager, points out its unique experience and weakness, to share with everyone. Susi silk industry Wang Ya, deputy general manager made a summrizing report and the task of 2017 for the deployment. Susi silk industry in 2016 sales revenue grew by 19.36% over the previous year, taxes and profits from a year earlier also have varying degrees of rise; The annual plan cross completion rate of 96.2%. Guangdong MinQiong, anhui, yunnan each and XiangEGan regions such as target completion rates have soared, completion rate more than 130%; Huaian, Shanghai, nanjing, yu shan jin, northwest of zhejiang and jiangsu regional sales have also made very well performance, the steady growth of sales for the company made a positive contribution. Su Wei pointed out SUSI brand is not the brand  only for Susi workers, but for millions of SiYang people, for jiangsu people and for China . So we must cherish and improve the inner quality built it a real international first-class brand. At the meeting Chairman Han Xingwan made an important speech General manager Liu Wencheng made an important speech Ceo Su Wei(left) signed targer paper with Store head Wang Min Deputy manaer of Jiangsu area Jia Genren made speech






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